About Mi

People might ask me… what is your blog about? I am going to answer.. it’s about me! Yes, I may not have a direction or a targeted group. Don’t like me? Don’t read… simple as that.

I have tons of passions and I just can’t stick to one hobby. It’s like I have to be an expert on everything! I am not joking. Some of my favorite passions and hobbies are.. cooking (going to culinary school does has it’s benefits), baking(have to be in a mood), reading(which i need to do more book reviews), makeup(I need to start my youtube channel. haha. tutorials anyone?), sewing(totally want to start my own doggie clothes line), bartending(anyone want to hire me?), arranging flowers(I can do your wedding), basketball (total bandwagon for Knicks.. sorry Hawks), couponing (only been a year. No… I am not a stockpiler anymore. I do get random 20 boxes of cheap cereal every once in a while =) and so much more….

What are you waiting for? Go read!

I feel like I need a nice picture of me

Fav Books: Bible, Girl with a pearl earring, Water for Elephants

Fav. TV shows: Lie to me, Mad Men (behind), Dexter (I know… shouldn’t be watching this), Top chef, Project Runway

Fav. Movies: Lord of the Rings, and ……………….


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