My Goals

My Goals

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have soo many things I want to do and so little time! I have been making a running list of things I want to do and I decided to make it into a page to remind myself and update my process.

1. Get my wedding planner certificate-I do have my binder for ABC and I want to finish by December ok so more in the lines of April 2012. Finished!! A certified planner now =)

2. Get bartender License- I bought a groupon for a one week bartender certification course that I need to finish by December 2011. Update: Got my certification =D

3. Run Marathon- No progress! hah

4. Cosmetology License? I love to learn to do make up professionally- At the moment just you tube and self learning

5. Learn to Sew/ fashion designer-I need to buy a sewing machine and take a beginning class. I think I can self teach myself? What you tube is for. I really want to make clothes for my two dogs. UPDATE: got a sewing machine as a gift! I am in the process of making clothes

6. Intro to Jewelry Making – I love jewelry!

7. Do the Ihopu online- I started studies in the bride of Christ. Finish the free courses before paying for them! Not sure if I want to do… certificate level or just personal study. I really think I need to do the certificate level. $950 for 30 hours!! Then another $2,000 if you want to do more in dept studies

8. Beginning photography classes- One day… I just need to pick up a camera and just start shooting.


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