My Playlists

Hey everyone. I thought I put up my playlists that I make for myself. I make these randomly and you can always tell what kind of mood I am when I make them.

Ymkim 13

1. Pursuit – Daniel Bashta

2. Come and Fill This Place – Ryan Hall

3. Come To Me (feat. Jenn Johnson)- Bethel Music

4. Strong God- Desperation God

5. Day After Day – Kristian Stanfill

6. For Your Splendor- Christy Nockels

7. Clean – David Brymer

8. All Things New – New Chapel

9. Angels (feat Brian Johnson) – Bethel Music

10. Lord Almighty – Kristian Stanfill

11. Ever Lifting – Christy Nockels

12. Center of it All – Desperation Band

13. Overcome – New Life Worship

14. Our Father- David Brymer

15. Stronger- Hillsong Live

16. Isaiah 61 – Daniel Bashta

Ymkim 12

1. Let’s Go – Victory World Music

2. Awaken Me – Jesus Culture

3. Nothing I hold on to – Will reagan & United Pursuit

4. Come ot me (feat. Jenn Johnson) – Bethel Music

5. The One (feat. Montell Jordan and Marta Munizzi)- Victory World Music

6. Father of Lights – Jesus Culture

7. Echo – Free Chapel

8. Yes you are – Victory World Music

9. Our God Saves – Paul Baloce

10. HOlding Nothing Back – Jesus Culture

11. Help me find my own flame – Will Reagan & United Pursuit

12. No Better TIme (flame continued) – Will Reagan & United Pursuit

13. Strings – Misty Edwards

14. Usable – Victory World Music

Ymkim 11

1.Worthy of it All – David Brymer

2. Above the Sun – Misty Edwards

3. You’re Beautiful – Phil Wickham

4. Fairer than the sons of men – jon Thurlow

5. Lord, I want you – Misty Edwards & David Brymer

6. A mighty Fortress – Christy Nockels

7. Blessed be our God – Davy Flowers

8. You’ve won my heart – merchant band

9. Wounded one – Davy Flowers

10. Measure of a man – Misty Edwards & David Brymer

11. Pour my love on you – Philips, Craig And Dean

12. It’s My joy to Love – Sarah Edwards

13. Do you know the way you move me – fusion Band

14. He is Yahweh- Rochester First Assembly

YmKim 10

1. Open Up the Heavens- Greggory David

2. Jesus, Son of God – Passion Feat. Chris Tomlin

3. Your Presence is Heaven- Free Chapel

4. You Know ME (Feat. Steffany Frizzell)- Bethel Music

5. You are Good – Jeremy Riddle

6. Dwell – Aaron Keys

7. My Soul Sings(feat Brian Johnson) – Bethel Live

8. Jesus At The Center (feat. Israel Houghton) – Free Chapel

9. Walk in the Promise – Jeremy Riddle

10. White Flag – Passion Feat. Christ Tomlin

11. Speechless – Free Chapel

12. Let Me Feel You Shine – David Crowder Band

13. No Chains On Me – Chris Tomlin

14. You Deserve – Greggory David

Ymkim 9

1. These Hands (feat. Montell Jordan)- Victory World Music

2. Lovesick- Misty Edwards

3. Hope’s Anthem- William Matthew

4. Here and Now- Eddie Kirkland

5. Here in your Presence- Ross Parsley

6. Glory will cover the earth- Justin Rizzo

7. He is Faithful- Bryan and Katie Torwalt

8. Full Attention- Jeremy Riddle

9. Our God- Chris Tomlin

10. All That’s Inside- Jon Thurlow

11. Marked- Jake Hamilton

12. Oh, How We Want You To Come- Kim Walker

13. Knees to the Earth- Watermark

Ymkim 8

1. One Thirst and Hunger- Jeremy Riddle

2. Excellent- Martha Munizzi

3. Beautiful Things- Gungor

4. Life- Beckah Shae

5. Fall Afresh-Jeremy Riddle

6. forever Reign- Hillsong

7. Set a fire-Will Reagan & United Pursuit

8. The Earth is Yours- Gungor

9. Wrap me in your arms- Michael Gungor (sing this at Victory World Church a lot)

10. Love came down- Jeremy Riddle

11. You are (feat. Christian Lewis)- Victory World Music (one of my favs!!!)

12. Here in this moment- Beckah Shae

13. Everything works together (feat. Beckah Shae)

14. Glorious- Martha Munizzi

15. We will all be changed- Seryn

16. My one and only-Racheael Lampa

Ymkim 7

1. I could sing of your love forever- Hillsong united and delirious?

2. Rise- Hillsong Live

3. There is nothing like- hillsong united

4. the stand- hillsong united

5. ’til i see you- hillsong united

6. saviour king- hillsong united

7. salvation is here- hillsong united

8. majesty- hillsong united and delirious?

9 . In your freedom (acoustics) – hillsong

10. hosanna- hillsong united

11. from the inside out (acoustics) – hillsong

12. mighty to save – hillsong united

Ymkim 6

1. Jesus, You’re Beautiful- Jon Thurlow (i ❤ this song)

2. Revelation Song- Jesus Culture

3.Touch me again- Christian Lewis

4. Jesus Paid it all -Kristian Stanfill

5. The Great I am- Jake Hamilton

6 The more I seek you- fusion band

7. Furios feat jeremy riddle- Bethel Live

8.I have found- fusion band

9. Standing in the Gap- Merchant Band

10. By his wounds- mac Powell, steven curtis chapman, brian Littrell, Mark Hall

11. Finally I surrender- Misty Edwards

12. The Anthem- Jake Hamilton

13. Love song-third day

14. All because of Jesus-Fee

15. Sing, sing, sing – christ tomlin

Ymkim 5

1. Like a lion- fusion band

2. Beautiful Man- Christian Lewis

3. I will See your Glory- Tim Reimherr

4. See his love (feat. Kim Walker)- Jesus Culture

5. Your Love Never Fails- Jesus Culture

6. City on our knees- Toby Mac

7. Moving Forward-Free Chapel

8. Hungry- Chris Quilala

9. Light of your face-Misty Edwards

10. Come away (feat. Brock Human)-United Pursit

11. Arms wide Open- Misty Edwards

12. Life- Jaeson Ma feat Steph Jones

Ymkim 4

1. Restless- Caleb Andrews

2. This One Thing- William Matthews

3. Aftermath- Hillsong United

4. Fill me Up (feat Will Reagan)- United Pursuit

5. Faithful to the End – Cory Asbury

6. My Soul Longs for you – Misty Edwards

7. Rooftops- Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker

8. I’m a lover of your presence- Bryan & Katie Torwalt

9. picture of your love- Luke Wood

10. Holy- Matt Gilman

11. You Won’t Relent- Misty Edwards

12. Where I Belong- Fusion Band

13. Tree- Justin Rizzo

Ymkim 3

1. Shake Heaven (feat. Montell Jordan)-Victory World Music

2. Your Faithfulness- Jon Thurlow

3. The Anthem- Planetshakers

4. More Beautiful- Jon Thurlow

5. Running in Circles (feat. Will Reagan)- United Pursuit

6. Go- Hillsong United

7. Here we are- Christian Lewis

8. Holy Spirit- Bryan and Katie Torwalt

9. Let Heaven Shout feat. Kristene Muller- Bethel Live

10. Ascribe- Justin Rizzo & Jill Marsh

11. Joyful, Joyful- Laura Hackett

12. Paint your picture/The Paintbrush- Julie Meyer

13. My Beloved (feat. Jaye Thomas)- Cory Asbury

14. Hallelujah-Jake Hamilton

Ymkim 2

1. Great I Am- New Life Worship

2. Awakening- Hillsong United

3. GLorious – Bryan and Katie Torwalt

4. Show me your glory- Jesus culture feat. Kim Walker

5. Love- Jaeson Ma feat. Bruno Mars (heard him in chicago in jesus culture conference)

6. Break every chain- Will Reagan (first heard this song in chicago at the jesus culture conference)

7. I want to know you- Jesus Culture feat. Chris Quilala

8. Glory- Jaeson Ma feat. Caleb Lin

9. I put on Christ- Laura Hackett

10. Let it Rain- Jesus Culture feat. Chris Quilala

11. More than a friend-Jeremy Riddle

12. Worthy is the lamb-Hillsong

13. your name high-Hillsong United

Ymkim 1

1. Shekinah- Jay Thomas

2. As the Deer- Matt Gilman

3. City of the great King- Pas Neos (I saw them live at the 2011 facinate conference at Ihop)

4. To be with you – Misty Edwards

5. Strong Love- Jon Thurlow

6. Living for Another Age- Justin Rizzo

7. Alabaster Box- Julie Meyer

8. Freedom Reigns- Jesus Culture

9. Turn it all around- Misty Edwards

10. Whom the son sets free- Cory Asbury

11. Song of Love- Jaye Thomas

12. Every Captive Free- Matt Gilman

13. Hope of all hearts- planetshakers

14. Reason to dance- cory asbury


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