Going Dotty…

Made this card today for the Simon Says Challenge

Going Dotty.


Say it with Stamps

Hello from my blog.

Decided to do my first challenge ever.  From Simon says stamps.  http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/mondaychallenge/challenge-say-it-with-stamps/

Love always Wins

Day 1 of 60 day Juice Fast

Hello blogging world!

I officially started my juice fast today.  Am I crazy? Yes.  My goal is to do 60 days.  I do not know if I am capable of going for 60 days, but I am going to do it. I realized that Day 1 and 2 will be the hardest. Temptation is everywhere and there is always this annoying voice in my head that is always telling me to eat and I can start tomorrow.  Well tomorrow is today and no more starting tomorrows. Sorry in advance if I can’t eat with you, or I don’t go to your birthday outing.  Food is my weakness and I don’t want to give in.  Some days will be easier than others, and other days.. not so much.

I was debating, if I should put my weight online during this progress. There is a lot of shame and embarrassment in that number.  Do you know what? I decided that I am no longer going to be that number and it doesn’t define who I am.  God loves me for who I am, and I am working on being an healthier me.  Currently I been in pain for a couple years from my ankle and my back.  The extra weight has starting to give me arthritis and I can do something about it. Fight back. Here is a start of my new adventure. I figured if It’s already April, time is going fast.. this next 59 days will go faster!

My plan during this fast is to give myself to God with intentional time and interceding for others. You may support me, but letting me know what your prayer request are!


Weigh in: (My scale is my roommate’s bathroom… finally need to get it and face reality)

Lbs lost so far:

Goal weight: 140

Gray-dient nails

Time for a beauty related post. I’m on a roll! I did my nails gray ombreish color. Two of the colors were very similar… it was a fail, but I went on a hunt and bought some more medium tone gray colors.  I wanted to show a picture of my just polished nails, my 5 day old nails, the nail polish used and my base and top coat.

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As you can see… There is not much difference between the 1st day and 5th day! I have been using the Revlon colorstay base and top coat all summer long and been loving it. Give it a try and see how it works for you. Also.. with this topcoat, I am wearing a $2 nail polish bottle and a $16 brand and there is no difference chipping wise.
From my thumb to my pinky: Zoya- Dove, Sinful Colors – Slate, Deborah Lippman – Stormy Weather, Colorclub- status update, Revlon colorstay – stiletto

Lesson Five: A Lavish God

I been on a random book splurge read mood. I have about 5 different books I have started with the intention of finishing….. Books that I am currently reading: the bible, The Secret Place by Dr. Dale A. Fife, Unrelenting Prayer by Bob Sorge, Revealing Heaven by Kat Kerr, The culture of the kingdom by Billy Humphrey, and The blessed life by Robert Morris.  I guess it’s five books not counting the bible.  I randomly picked up The secret place at Daystar. I thought the cover was cool. Maybe that’s how I got sucked into it. I was reading this book and the author talks about how he wants to walk in the footsteps of Enoch and the Lord began to reveal him things to take him deeper. One of the Lessons was called A Lavish God.

excerpt from the book.

Lesson Five: A Lavish God

His response was not what I expected.

“I am a God who lavishes blessings on My children. I love to give beyond measure, and I want you to be just like Me, especially when you worship. Be unrestrained in your worship! Be known as a lover of God! I encourage you to lavish love and praise upon Me. If you will do this, you will quickly discover that your own life will increase in abundance. If you will freely worship Me, especially when you are in the presence of others, you will be set free from the subtle pride that quickly quenches My Spirit. I want you to be an encouragement to others. Be free to worship Me without restraint, just as David did.

“I want you to be a man whose words and actions are heartfelt. You must worship and ;minister out of your heart, not your head. Speak and act out of the abundance of your heart where I dwell. Then when you speak, your words will express the true faith that is in your heart. Let your heart be the wellspring of godly thoughts. When you do this, your words will carry a powerful anointing and set others free to worship and believe in Me.”

This really got to me last night. Who doesn’t want more abundance from God? I know that I am in a season of finding intimacy with God. What season are you in?

Song on repeat: Holy (Wedding Day) – The City Harmonic

Life with Purpose

What is the purpose of my life? Am I following my passion and doing what I am called to do? What do I do when I don’t really know what my purpose is? I made a list last year and kind of change it as I go. I still try to maintain some of it and it helps me to keep track of myself and stride forward. This is in no particular order.

1. Read the bible in one year. Currently going through Life Principles Daily Bible in the New American Standard Bible. In one day they give you a little bit of old testametn, psalm, proverbs, and new testament. Currently on March 16 and it’s the end of May!! Time to catch up.

2. Do daily readings and email. I have two girls that email each other Monday through Saturday. We do one chapter a day and email our thoughts and prayers about it. We have done Hosea, Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and currently in Numbers. Readings has been shaky these days.

3. Read Sermon on the Mount once a week. I used to be really good about this. I got really challenged from Lou Engle. I need to keep this one up.

4. Read Proverbs once a month. Each month in different translation. I am good at starting this. I just never can get through with it. Argh.

5. Go to some sort of corporate prayer/service once a week aside from church. This can comprise of going to ihop, fusion preservice prayer, fusion, daystar, and 8am Saturday morning prayer.

6. Fasting. I do a 21 day fast with church every January. I really need to do more through out the year.

7. Be in an accountability group. Currently in one. Love my girls ❤

8. Have a day of Sabbath set aside. This should come easy. Always so busy.

9. Read biographies of missionaries. Any recommendations? I only read Hudson Taylor before my 1995 DX trip. That was a while ago….

10. Support a child. I have a boy sponsored through Compassion.

11. Find a prophetic intercessor mentor and be a mentor. I have none at this moment. One of my biggest prayer request.

12. Be a prayer warrior that I am called to be.

13. Volunteer at church. Currently I am part of Fusion prayer. and part of the special events team at Victory.

14. Have a 5 min testimony and a 30 min testimony ready at all times.

So this is just some of the things that I do on a daily basis. Of course my own time with God is given. I updated my song list of current songs I am listening to. Please let me know if you have any questions on the songs and stuff.

My basketball dream

I had a dream on December 21st. I was walking in a banquet type of facility towards the back of the room. The group of people was a mix of people. We were assigned tables and I was getting introduced to the people at my table. I didn’t recognize the person, but somebody told me that he was an old school basketball player. I took a picture with him with my camera. Then my senses heightened and I turned around to see if I see anymore players(mostly to see if I see Reggie Miller). I saw him across the room with other old school basketball players and I see that he is going to the stage. I rushed to the front to take a picture with him. and got yelled at… not to take pictures. I took one anyways!

The next day, I had an appointment with a lady who wanted to do a fundraiser event for a well known old school basketball player. I was kinda shocked when she was telling me what kind of event this was and why she was having it.

Could you say it was a coincidence? How many coincidences will it take to know that it was God all along?

I went to One Thing 2011

Can you see me? Look around 2:49. sometimes when the camera is panned to you and you don’t know the lyrics and don’t want to look awkward. Best thing is to pray. haha. What was awesome is that I knew Eunjin and Leslie crew was coming to ihop that morning. How do you find other people in the crowd of 20,000? I turned around to go to my seat and there they were.. united at last!